This is the Spring Break-like view from my
hotel only it was March, 28 degrees, and New
Jersey. At times I, however, did walk around
topless. <<<
The Pier at Caesars' mall
overlooks the Atlantic. Bring
your sunglasses. Bring your
wallet. >>>
I've decided that if i were to make a mob
movie, this is where the informant would meet
the cops. This doesn't seem likely however.
The view from the mall. They have seats for folks to
drink Starbuck's and stare. As it is AC, they also have
love seats.
A convenience store that was
buried in ice. I only took a few
pictures, though, as my
camera was out of batteries.
Actually, a convenience store
would have come in handy
right about then. <<<
The newer models come with defrost options.
As a kid I used to have to sit the bench
because my play was ice cold. Oh, how
things have come full circle, Mr. Bench.
Anything more poetic than the
word"California" on ice?
Yeah, that's right. >>>
You can see the sun peaking through the roof
and ice inside the room. The cop in the black
and white squad car out front rolls down his
window and has the following conversation
with us...

Cop: you boys looking for places to rent?
Me: well only if it will be cheap.
Cop: Oh, it WILL be cheap.
Not focused, but then again, those are the eyes
best suited for A.C.
The destination destination.